Job Summary

The job summary is the first impression a veteran will get of your company and the open position. A great job summary will help a veteran feel like his service and experience is relevant and that he or she is qualified for and capable of performing the job.

  • Be clear about what the job candidate will be doing and will be responsible for.
  • Simplify the language. Avoid using unnecessarily complex verbiage or business jargon.
  • Brand your company as military-friendly.
  • If possible, show the open position's context within the company: reporting structure, team's mission, etc.
  • Broaden the scope of required experience beyond a certain set of qualifications or certifications
  • Express the position's purpose in terms that show its similarity to a military environment ("mission-driven", "achieve results to win", "face a crisis head-on", etc.)

Job Summary Examples

Read through these examples to get a better idea of what a veteran-friendly job summary looks like: 

Sample 1

Mid-sized supply and manufacturing company with geographically separated business units is seeking a professional financial analyst to build financial and operational reports that give insight into the organization's operations. This position will work with all department leaders and the executive team.

Why do we recommend this Sample 1? 

This job summary describes a challenge that's relevant for a veteran’s experience ("geographically separated business units"), uses terms to describe the main duties that any potential employee can understand ("build financial and operational reports that give insight into the organization's operations" as opposed to something like "run preliminary SOC reporting modules"), and tells the applicant briefly about the reporting structure.

Sample 2

The Director (E-9/O-1 equivalent) reports to the Vice President (O-6/Colonel equivalent) and requires experience in project management and leading a team of professionals in a deadline-driven environment with competing priorities.

Why do we recommend Sample 2?

Adding equivalent military rank level to civilian titles will assist service members in understanding the level of experience the position requires and its reporting structure. This can also assist job seekers to avoid applying for positions that may be too junior or senior based on their current experience.

Sample 3

In addition to our standard paid time off and healthcare benefits, veteran and military spouse employees enjoy special recognition throughout the year, dedicated employee resource groups, and the opportunity to participate in unique mentoring programs.

Why do we recommend Sample 3?

The summary is a great place to include a line or two about corporate benefits that are attractive to veteran job seekers. Don't be shy about sharing your veteran-friendly policies, especially when communicating directly with veterans and military spouses.