Veterans may have military certifications that allow them to use their equivalent training and experience to acquire a civilian certification with little additional effort. Be willing to substitute military experience for related corporate or industry experience.

The military offers training that may have a civilian equivalent (for example, the military has its own version of Six Sigma).


The Do's and Don't's:

Avoid industry experience requirements that are too narrow.

Poor Example: 5+ years of retail grocery management required

Better Example: 5 years of supply chain or logistics management experience


Prioritize general skills over specific work history. Know which skills can be learned or honed and which are a must-have from day one, and keep that in mind when writing.


If you list military experience, don't be too specific. (for example, using military occupation codes)

Poor Example: Requires 8 years of experience as an Army truck driver

Better Example: 8 years of experience in military vehicle transportation or large equipment management/servicing


Each branch of service has its own terminology, which may not directly translate to another branch.