Be Prepared for Job Fairs and Onboarding


Irving, TX-based La Quinta Inns & Suites says: Be ready to hire! If possible, conduct interviews at the hiring fairs. Contact the organizer of the event ahead of time to see if there will be an area you can use for interviews. This will allow you to have a personal conversation about the candidate’s experience and interests. Then you can tell them about your organization and why you value service members and their families. Ideally, have veteran and/or military spouse employees attend the fair to participate in the recruiting efforts.


Financial services company USAA strives to provide innovative programs aiding new hires’ transition from the military to the corporate world and to create a sense of belonging. Formal programs including “Combat to Claims” and “Veterans for IT” bring in new classes of recently separated veteran employees, who are trained and onboarded as a group, providing a built-in support unit.

One example of a more general program is the “Boots to Suits” class, which provides perspectives on the differences and similarities between the military and corporate structures and cultures. Another is its Veteran/Military Spouse Wingman Program, which focuses on helping new employees make the transition by providing informal mentoring from a USAA employee sponsor who has “been there.” New employees discuss the challenges they are facing as they adjust, and mentors can connect them to appropriate resources. The program provides an invaluable supplement to more formal onboarding.

The company has seen increased retention from those participating; due to this success, USAA has plans to expand these programs to other areas of the company.