How do veterans get the education they need to keep advancing? Read below to learn more about the education that the military community can receive before joining your company.

Military Spouses

What qualities make military spouses exceptional employees? Read the blogs below to learn about this highly skilled but sometimes undervalued population within the military community.

Hiring Fairs

How do we make the most of our participation in hiring fairs? Read the blogs below to learn some best practices to ensure you get started on the right foot when you meet with transitioning service members face to face. 

Guard & Reserve

What do we need to know about employees in the Guard & Reserve? This segment of the military population is ready to work immediately while still serving their country. Read below to learn more about them and why they are assets to your organization.

Hiring Process

How can we tailor our hiring process for veterans and military spouses? The blogs below will help you understand how this process is a bit different from hiring a civilian and why it's worth making the change.

Resume Translation

Where can I find veteran resume translation tools? Read below to find more information on tools you can use to understand how a candidate's military service can directly translate to your company's career paths.


What training tools and resources are out there to help us support veterans? Read the blogs below to learn what tools are available and how to access them.


How can we help our transitioning veteran employees thrive? Read the blogs below to find out what best practices you might be missing or those you should continue to focus on as you help transitioning service members start their new careers.

Wounded Veterans

What can we do to accommodate the needs of wounded veterans? Read the blogs below to find out what more employers can do to employ wounded warriors while benefiting the overall company.

Business Value

What is the business value of recruiting veteran workers? Read the blogs below to learn how your company can benefit from attracting and employing this highly skilled and sought-after population.